Thursday, December 8, 2016

Tha Badd Blood Kartel Mixtape is here! Stream it now on Soundcloud

Tha Badd Blood Kartel mixtape, by Badd Blood and hosted by DJ King Assassin is here! Featuring 2pac (RIP), Yay Heard, Str8-Lace (RIP), Mr. 1 ThouWow, Leash Da Beast, Lady T and Tre Styles and production by the team at Anno Domini Nation, this 17 track mixtape is a guaranteed West Coast slapper! Available now exclusively at Soundcloud!

Track List
  1. Tha BBK Intro
  2. Do Tha Monkey feat. Leash Da Beast (Prod. by Scare Beats)
  3. Say U Know Me (Prod. by Anno Domini)
  4. I Do Me (Prod. by Anno Domini)
  5. Str8 Out Tha Bay feat. Mac Models (Prod. by Anno Domini)
  6. Ghetto Star (20 Years Gone Remix by Lil' Prophet) by Penn St8 & Lady T feat. 2pac (Prod. by Anno Domini)
  7. It Go'z Down (In My Hood) (Badd Blood Mix) (Prod. by Anno Domini)
  8. Back In Town (Prod. by Anno Domini)
  9. Like TNT (Prod. by Anno Domini)
  10. Juss Knockin (Prod. by B-Dubb Productions)
  11. Deez Streets feat. Lady T
  12. No Phukz Given (Penn St8 solo) (Prod. by Loc Da Smoke)
  13. Bay Life (Mr. Loco solo) (Prod. by Screwaholic)
  14. Thangz Done Changed feat. Yay Heard (Prod. by Anno Domini)
  15. War Gamez (20 Years Gone Remix by Lil' Prophet & Loc Da Smoke) Mr. Loco & Tre Styles feat. 2pac) (Prod. by Kid)
  16. Take Me Away Part 2 (RIP Str8-Lace & Kerry Voss) feat. Str8-Lace & Mac Models. (Prod. by Anno Domini
  17. Bonus Track: In My Hood (RMX) feat. Mr. 1ThouWow
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