Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mr. Loco, Penn St8 & Lady T leave 1Hood Entertainment

As of 11/22/2016 Mr. Loco, Lady T & Penn St8 of Badd Blood are no longer with 1Hood Entertainment. It all happened very suddenly and unexpected, but the show must go on and it will do so independently with Wize Guyz Global. Lady T and Calaber 007 of the extended Outlawz family have joined the WGG movement as well and there many plans for the future. Also DJ King Assassin, D.L.E.MM.A. & Mr. Loco are working on 4 Tha Thugz & Gutta Folk Returns, Mr. Loco and the European Wize Guyz Global boss MC Ron are working on a project and Badd Blood and Lady T are working on the Blood Tiez album. Also with the recent label shift, the upcoming Badd Blood Kartel album has been put on hold until the proper changes are made and a new release date is set.
Stay tuned, the future has plenty of great projects in store!

Friday, November 4, 2016

2pac - 20 Years Gone Mixtape Hosted by DJ King Assassin & DJ 4Five of DPG

The new Wize Guyz Global & Lil' Prophet Presents: 2pac - 20 Years Gone #MakaveliLivesOn double volume mixtape set is out for FREE DOWNLOAD now!! Available at DatPiff and SoundCloud!! Check it out by clicking one of our links below now!!

DJ's: DJ King Assassin of THUG LIFE & DJ 4Five of DPG
Artist: 2pac
Mixtape: 20 Years Gone #MakaveliLivesOn Vol. 1 & 2
Track List:

Vol. 1:

1. Intro
2. Open Fire (Lil' Prophet RMX)
3. Thug Luv feat. Bone Thugz N Harmony (Lil' Prophet RMX)
4. All Day feat. Spice 1, Celly Cell & DJ King Assassin (Son of Sam RMX)...
5. War Gamez feat. Tre Styles & Mr. Loco AKA Loc Da Smoke  (Lil' Prophet RMX)
6. Soon as I Get Home feat. DMX (Lil' Prophet RMX)
7. Staring At The World Through My Rearview (Lil' Prophet RMX)
8. Do For Luv (Lil' Prophet RMX)
9. Whatz Ya Phone number? (Lil' Prophet RMX)
10. Hold On feat. Stretch (Lil' Prophet RMX)
11. God Bless The Dead feat. Stretch (DJ Loc Da Smoke RMX)
12. Until The End Of Time feat. RL of Next (Lil' Prophet RMX)
13. Changes feat. D.L.E.MM.A. (DJ Rhyme Z RMX)
14. Black Cotton feat. Mouseman (DJ Crezzpo RMX)
15. Can You Get Away feat. Eboni Foster (Lil' Prophet RMX)
16. Resist The Temptation (Lil' Prophet RMX)

Vol. 2:

1. Intro
2. Hit 'Em Up feat. Yaki Kadafi (Lil' Prophet RMX)
3. Ghetto Star (Rip It Up) feat. Penn St8 and Lady T (Lil' Prophet RMX)
4. Mash On 'Em feat. Calaber 007 (Lil' Prophet RMX)
5. Ballad Of A Dead Soulja (Lil' Prophet RMX)...
6. Thugz Mansion (Lil' Prophet RMX)
7. Assassin's Dear Mama Story
8. Dear Mama (OG Version)
9. Happy Home feat. SadÄ—
10. Picture Me Rollin' feat. Big Syke, CPO Boss Hog & Danny Boy (Lil' Prophet RMX)
11. Who Do You Believe In feat. Yaki Kadafi (Lil' Prophet RMX)
12. Grab The Mic (Lil' Prophet RMX)
13. Thug Style (Lil' Prophet RMX)
14. Believe feat. Tech N9ne & Kortney Leveringston (Lil' Prophet RMX)
15. Take A Look Back feat. Alchemist (Lil' Prophet RMX)
16. High Hopes feat. Pink Floyd (Lil' Prophet RMX)
17. BONUS TRACK: Hell Razor (Lil' Prophet RMX)