Sunday, July 31, 2016

Tha Sonz Of Sevenz EP is out now!!

Last year, me, Penn St8, Mac Models and Str8-Lace were talking about forming a new group called the Sonz Of Sevenz, but never really got it off the ground. Sadly we lost our homie Str8-Lace recently, so the 3 of us who are left decided to release "Tha Sonz Of Sevenz EP" as a dedication to the homie! 7 songs of 707 Bay Area shit available to stream exclusively on Soundcloud or to purchase at CD Baby! Special edition CD's with a few extra bonus songs are also available to order exclusively at the blog as well!

Click on one of the links and check it out now:

Stream Tha Sonz Of Sevenz EP on Soundcloud

Buy Tha Sonz Of Sevenz EP at CD Baby

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1. Bang wit' us feat. Anuubis
2. Str8 out tha Bay
3. All Gas No Brakez
4. Thug $hit (Still Hungry Mix) feat. Quez Outlaw
5. Kali Dayz (Unfadeable mix)
6. Take Me Away feat. Strait Lace
7. Take Me Away Part 2 (RIP Kerry Voss and Str8-Lace) feat. Str8-Lace
#SonzOfSevenz #ThaSonzOfSevenzEP #RIPStr8Lace #RIPKerryVoss

New videos and Autobiography

So since I've downloaded this app "Viva Video" to my phone, I've been on a "Selfie Style" music video making craze lol and I just also made a little Autobiography video so y'all can get a deeper glimpse in to the life of Mr. Loco AKA Loc Da Smoke 
1 Luv, 1 God, 1 Hood 
-Mr. Loco AKA Loc Da Smoke 

Just click on the titles below and enjoy!