Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wize Guyz Global Digital Ent. is now in open for business!

Sorry we haven't been keeping up with the blog for a minute, there's been so many things going on lately since the departure from the previous label and it's all been changes for the better. As of July 23rd of 2017, Wize Guyz Global Digital Entertainment is open for business! Right now we are offering special packages to give artists an affordable chance to get their music out there as well as  releasing Mr. Loco's, Penn St8's, Badd Blood's and other Wize Guyz Global artists projects. For more details, email Mr. Loco AKA Loc Da Smoke at locdasmoke@gmail.com
So far Mr. Loco AKA Loc Da Smoke has released his dedication to his angel baby son Devin Prince Amaru Overgaard, who joined the lord on April 26th 2017 and he has also released his album from 2006 "Tha Pandemic" that was recorded during the days with Thug Style Ent. / Steady Mobbin.
Now with Wize Guyz Global Digital Ent. you can expect more releases and as stated above, if you have quality music that you own the rights to and you want it released, we can help you get it out to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and over 150 other digital outlets world wide!

 Out Now:
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Coming August 4th: